It all started in my childhood, when I somehow got hooked on the love of clay among my god-parents' huge collection of antique pottery. They were all precious pieces that had to be taken care of, and was not allowed to be touched.

Then one day in the middle of 2010, I thought I would design ceramic pots that were colourful, romantically modern and good to hold in hand every day. I didn't dream them up to sit in a display cabinet, but to give me a good sense when I lift a nice mug to my mouth in the morning with my delicious, warm tea.

In the meantime, I've been adventuring in other areas of life besides pots: as a psychologist who also works with art therapy, the process of working with a piece of wet, muddy clay, shaping it, glazing it, decorating it with different motifs, firing it, repairing it if it's not perfect, putting it back in the kiln, firing it again, and finally enjoying the shiny, silky-feeling, soft-shaped finished products has become a little more symbolic for me.

Until now, I have mainly sold my handmade ceramics in Western Europe, after they were very well received at the Trendset Lifestyle International Exhibition and Fair in Munich in 2012. Now it is time for the international public to feel the curved shapes and silky glazes with their own hands.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Szilvia Molnar

+36 70 410 9506 or  +49 1577 3176 855