The uniqueness of Sofie's Home Ceramics

Every single piece is individually HANDMADE and HAND-PAINTED under the highest quality standards. The special feature of Sofie's Home ceramics is that the hand-painted patterns, such as white lace or heart motifs, do not melt into the coloured glaze when fired at high temperatures, but are softly embossed on the surface, giving the handcrafted products an even more unique, slightly rustic effect. In contrast to the most commonly used overglaze technique, where the design is painted directly onto the natural clay and coated with a transparent glaze, we first dip the finished clay mould into a carefully applied coloured glaze. This gives those brilliantly shimmering deep, saturated beautiful colours onto which we hand paint the designs. Then comes a thorough firing at 990 degrees Celsius, up to two or three times if necessary.

Sofie's Home the handcrafted dream world

Welcome to my website, in the world of romantic, fabulous handmade ceramics. When we buy unique ceramic dinnerware, we are also take a sense of life with it. In the mornings as I sip my coffee from silky-touched pink lacy mug and look at the trees in the garden, listening to the birds chirping, I also program a sense of calm, a pleasant relaxed feeling. We all have objects that have grown with us, that belong to us. They evoke memories, feelings, bring a smile to our faces.Such an object can be a beautiful cup, a vase, or even a cereal bowl that we received as a gift.

Sofie's Home Quality

Our ceramic products are free of harmful substances and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. They do not change colour, fade or wear off.